What makes good customer service?

customer service

Quality Price Service

At QPS Importers, we think customer service is so important that we’ve included the word “Service” in our business name.

The other day, Graham and I personally delivered some furniture to one of our customers. Normally we use a reputable courier company for our interstate deliveries, but on this occasion we were going to be in Melbourne ourselves, attending Furnitex 2011. We were bringing a trailer load of furniture down from Sydney, so it was no problem for us to load the chairs in the back. We passed the saving on to the customer, who was happy to wait for us to deliver the chairs in a few weeks for a discounted price.

I just read the eBay feedback from that customer. “Excellent ebay sellers, great comms, excellent customer service thanks kindly :-)”

No surprises there. It was a great transaction. We were in regular communication with our customer. She was happy with the product and with the discount. We enjoyed providing the service ourselves as we were able to put a face and a voice to the eBay id.

What occurred to us as a result of this transaction is how, as a business, we rely on our business partners to maintain our customer service standards. We also rely on our customers and business partners for feedback on the quality of the delivery process. If there are problems, we won’t know about them unless either our courier company or our customer tells us about them. Graham and I have realised that we need to conduct a quality assurance review of our delivery process on a regular basis, to ensure that our customers are genuinely happy with our customer service.

Reviewing our eBay feedback, it’s clear that customers have different ideas about what makes a good eBay transaction. For some of them, it’s fast delivery. For others it’s good communications. What do you consider makes good customer service?


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