7 weeks till Spring – time to oil the timber outdoor furniture

old park bench

Old Park Bench

With Spring fast approaching here in Australia, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor furniture maintenance.

We have some much loved timber furniture out on the back deck at home. It’s been around for years and is still in good condition. It does need to be cleaned and oiled though, so that it lasts for years to come.

If you’re a novice when it comes to cleaning timber furniture, here are a few tips and tricks.

  1. Clean your timber furniture before you oil it. You can use steel wool or, if you are pressed for time, hit it with the Karcher.
  2. If you do use a high pressure cleaner on timber, go with the grain of the wood instead of against it, to minimise damage to the wood. That will mean less sanding afterwards too.
  3. Sand back any rough patches, particularly where you will be sitting or touching the furniture. I have a hand sander that lets me get into tight corners.
  4. Wear old clothes! You’ll be amazed at how dirty you can get cleaning your timber furniture.
  5. I know this sounds obvious, but make sure you have a jar to soak your paint brush in afterwards. (Guess who has been caught out in the past.)

Do you have any tips you would like to share?


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