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Pink Roses

Pink Roses

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Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

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8 in 1 Screwdriver


5 tips to help you to cook great barbecue steak

There’s an art to cooking a great steak. With barbecue season here in Australia, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and perfect your technique. Whether you’re cooking steak for a steak sandwich or to eat with salad, these five tips will help you master the art of delicious barbecue steak.

Barbecue steak with cous cous

1. Season both sides of the steak to your taste. A simple seasoning to use is to combine freshly ground black pepper with sea salt flakes. Experiment with herbs and spices. After all, you have all summer to come up with the perfect seasoning.

2. Don’t put the steaks too close together on the barbecue. Why? Because you don’t want to reduce the heat of the barbecue plate or grill. If you do put them too closely together, the steaks will start to stew in their own juices.

3. Turn the steaks once only. Resist the urge to play with the steaks. Leave them to cook until moisture appears on the top, then turn them over. You won’t regret it. (This works for chops too.)

4. Cook your steak to your preference – rare, medium or well done. How do you know? Don’t poke the steak with a fork, as this will let the juices escape. Instead, press the steak with barbecue tongs. A rare steak will feel soft, a medium steak firm and a well done steak very firm.

5. Rest the steaks after cooking on a clean plate in a warm place for a few minutes. The steaks will be juicier and tastier if you do. Loosely cover them with foil to keep the juices in and the flies away.

Once you’ve cooked your steak, enjoy!

5 things you need to know to cook beef on the barbecue

It’s barbecue season here in Australia. We love cooking outdoors. Graham is a genuine master of the art of barbecue. Here are his five top tips for cooking great beef on the barbecue.

1. Clean the barbecue first. The easiest way to do this is to scrape the barbecue at the end of the session. While there are plenty of great barbecue tools out there, a paint scraper from your local hardware store will do the trick.

2. Use quality ingredients. Choose your beef carefully or ask the butcher to assist you. Look for steak or chops that have been cut evenly, as this makes them easier to cook.

3. Take your beef out of the fridge a few minutes before you cook it. If you put cold beef straight onto the barbecue it won’t cook evenly. Let the beef rest on a plate in the kitchen while you light the barbecue and gather your utensils and other ingredients.

4. Use a tongs or a spatula when turning the meat instead of a fork. This will keep the juices from escaping and the meat from drying out.

5. Rest the meat on a clean plate for about 10 minutes after removing from the barbecue to make it juicier. Wrap it loosely in aluminium foil. If you do this too tightly, the meat will keep cooking and will not be as juicy.

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