Buy before Monday to beat the price rise on our Butterfly outdoor furniture range

Butterfly Bistro Set

Butterfly Bistro Set

We have been actively marketing our butterfly outdoor range to retailers. It’s great news for us that retailers are buying it, however, it does mean that we have to increase our eBay prices so that we don’t undercut their retail price.

We’ve decided that we won’t put the prices up until the end of the week, to give those people who have enquired about the product a few more days to make up their minds. I hope they make up their minds fast as the prices are definitely going to go up on Monday, 22nd July.

If you’re interested, now is the time to act. If you’re a retailer, contact us for wholesale pricing. That’s not changing. 🙂


Our video door phones are back in stock!

If only our imported products could talk. Our video door phones, which we expected to land in Australia a couple of weeks ago, were held up by bad weather. I have this picture of them, bobbing around in a boat, tossed about by wind and rain. In reality, they were on a large ocean going vessel that probably charted its course through good weather, and they didn’t even notice the waves.

Of course, our video door phones don’t really notice the weather. The outdoor unit is installed outside after all. Preferably under some cover to increase its life, but it has its own protective covering in case that’s not possible. The indoor unit gets all the benefits of home heating and cooling, and like me when I’m working in my office job, wouldn’t know whether the sun was shining or not.

If you’re looking for a video door phone, please visit our eBay store, where you can buy from us immediately.

Slim line 7″ colour video door phone – more infogo directly to eBay

Slim line 7″ colour video door phone with auto-recorder – more infogo directly to eBay