Bar table and two stools – Set A

Bar table and two stools

Bar table and two silver stools

This contemporary bar table and two matching stools is made from modern materials, aluminium, glass and stainless steel, and will fit with most decors. Attractive, this setting comes into its own when lit up, as the glass and metal surfaces gleam.

This is a setting that you will not find in your average retail store. The manufacturers refer to this furniture as “high-end” meaning that it is made from the best quality materials. What a bargain, to be able to buy this directly from the importer instead of paying the retail price.

Bar Table Features:
The bar table is made from brushed aluminium and tempered glass.
The table top has a diameter of 70 cm and the tempered glass is 12 mm thick.
The table itself is 106 cm high and weighs approximately 36 kgs when assembled.

Easy to assemble, the table comes with well-written instructions and an allen key. No other tools are required.

Bar Stool Features:
The bar stools have an aluminium seat and stainless steel frame.
The dimensions of the seat are 56 cm by 50 cm.
The stool is 78 cm high and comes in two colour options, silver or black.
Note: The setting comes with two identical stools. You cannot mix and match the colours.

There are two of these bar table and stool settings available from QPS Importers for $1585 each. To buy them, contact us directly with the postcode of your shipping address. We will contact you within 1 business day, with a delivery quotation.


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