Teak Furniture

If you are a lover of fine quality indoor and outdoor furniture you will appreciate our teak range.

Teak furniture is famous for its durability, its rich warm colour and its satiny smoothness. Teak is a long-lasting hardwood that grows in coutries with tropical rainforests such as India and Malaysia. A warm golden colour, teak weathers naturally to a silvery grey. The golden colour of the wood may be maintained by oiling the wood regularly with teak oil.

Teak furniture is amongst the most expensive wooden furniture for a number of reasons, including its strength and durability. This article, “What’s so great about teak wood furniture?” explains it well.

QPS Importers has a wide range of teak products available for sale, including extending tables, benches, chairs, folding chairs and lounge chairs. Many of our products combine teak with other materials including stainless steel and rattan. If you’re looking for something special, please contact us with the details.

Featured Teak Products

Click on the images to view product details.

Teak single bench

Teak single bench

Teak double bench

Teak two seater bench

Teak 3 seater bench

Teak 3 seater bench

Teak table

Teak table

Teak trolley

Teak trolley



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